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StoureValeArchers Bede. 1850  cut LR.jpg

From a drawing by Cuthbert Bede 1850


Carpet Town

One way to contribute to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is via the Red Cross. Click the badge to access their website.

Some other organisations appealing for donations for this worthy cause are:
Unicef, Save the Children, Help Ukraine Emergency Fund & DEC the Disaster Emergency Committee Fund.

Kidderminster was renowned for many years as a major centre for the manufacture of carpets. Growing out of a long established tradition of weaving fine cloth, for example the simple patterned cloth called "Kidderminster stuff", the first carpet in the town was woven by John Pearsall in 1735. From this small beginning carpet weaving grew to dominate the town's industry and Kidderminster took its place as a leading centre for the manufacture of carpets of many types and designs.


Sadly, the Kidderminster carpet industry went in to decline from the 1970s and is now but a shadow of its former self with only a small number of factories still continuing the production of the good quality carpet which was once produced here in vast quantities. The challenge of course has been, and still is, to establish replacement industries and businesses that can continue the prosperity that once came from weaving carpet.

The Kidderminster Civic Society was founded in 1993 after a failed attempt by local townsfolk to prevent the Council from demolishing the building that housed the Town Library, Museum and College of Art and Science.  Our work continues:

                 *Celebrating Thirty Years of Achievement*

We have just published a small booklet under the title 'Dedicated to Usefulness and to Art’ to record the history of the Kidderminster Civic Society and its relationship to the town. It was launched on Civic Day Saturday June 18th 2022. It is  on sale for £5 + delivery. Delivery is free within the bounds of Kidderminster. You can also purchase copies at Society meetings.                      Read more about the booklet HERE

                                    The Society Information leaflet

                                    Copies of our leaflet can be downloaded from:     HERE


St. Mary's Garry c1990 Use.jpg

The Parish Church of Kidderminster:

St Mary and all Saints

Viewed from the canal c1990.

Courtesy Garry Hooper.


Our Aims & Objectives can be summarised as:


• promotion of high standards in planning and        architecture  

• promotion of education in the geography,              history and natural history of the area

• preservation, development and improvement

   of features of historic and public interest.

You are welcome to explore our website to find out about our history, what we have achieved and our present and future activities.

In particular we would recommend that you check out the list of Building reports under HISTORIC KIDDERMINSTER PROJECT (HKP) and the wide range of historical topics related to the town under LOCAL HISTORICAL ITEMS.

You are  able to navigate the site using the menu at the top of the page, the SITE MAP or the CONTENTS LIST accessible via the buttons below.

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